AAATE 2018 workshop: Excellence in the Process of AT Provision

Venue : Johannes Kepler University, Uni-Center, Loft C, Linz on July 10, 2018 – an ICCHP Pre-Conference event

The over five year old AAATE position paper on AT Service Delivery while still relevant is due for review. Last year the WHO organised the GREAT Summit in Geneva that included discussion of the need for a pathway to establish AT services globally. These considerations have given impetus to revisit AT service delivery in our full day 2018 workshop. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn about best practices in AT provision while sharing their, and learning others, perspectives on the state of the art.

We anticipate there being two strands of focus :

  • looking for parallels across education/employment, social and health contexts; and,
  • discussion about what is needed to realise excellent AT services globally that are also effective for low and middle income countries.

The scope of relevant AT is inclusive but can be confirmed from examining the AAATE position paper on AT service delivery and the GATE Priority products list. So whether you use the suffix term ‘device’, ‘health product’ or ‘technology’ to ‘Assistive’, it is included.

Whatever the AT or its context we seek speakers and discussion participants who can contribute state of the art perspectives in the process of provision of AT (see Call for contributions (DEADLINE MAY 16th, 2018) for further information). By looking for parallels across contexts we can continue to address silos of understanding and practice : independently raised by Marcia Scherer [Scherer 2016] but affirmed by International AT organisations in 2017 [Layton et al., 2017] as still being a contemporary challenge. Through greater awareness and understanding of wider perspectives, delegates should be enabled to communicate and work with more stakeholders with greater ease and insight.

Note that the AAATE General Assembly will occur after the close of the workshop on 10th July.

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[Layton et al., 2017]
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