Accessible and assistive technology resources and supports for Ukraine and for Ukrainian refugees

The war in Ukraine has left many people without homes and without access to disability services and supports. It has also displaced millions of people, resulting in associated language and cultural barriers.

Accessible and Assistive Technologies can potentially ease some of these barriers, from translation apps to Ukrainian language symbol sets for AAC users and for students accessing education through a second language.

Here is a summary of resources which AAATE is aware of at present. Please contact us if you are aware of additional AT related resources which we can also include here.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published a situation assessment of assistive technology in Ukraine.

This publication summarizes the situation of the assistive technology system in Ukraine, as at September 2020, and the findings of a household survey on assistive technology conducted in April–June 2021. It outlines key achievements, needs and opportunities for intervention in the field of assistive technology.

The reality of the lived experience by Ukrainian people with disabilities in the context of the war is articulated clearly in this blog, Stories from Ukraine, published by the Global Disability Innovation Hub.

Enabling Devices have also published a practical guide to providing support to individuals with disabilities in Ukraine.

A number of A.T. suppliers and service providers have created online resources to support Ukrainian refugees. These are summarised in a blog post by Enable Ireland: AT supports and resources for Ukrainian refugees which includes useful communication resources developed by a range of AT Suppliers.

Siobhán Long
Board Member
June 1st 2022