Equipping for their right to connect!

Active participation in daily life, today, needs a comprehensive understanding of digital tools that we use to make our lives easier. As a society that has largely transitioned to a digital space, it is important to take into account the needs and requirements of people with disabilities to ensure they are not excluded.  

Contributing to bridging the digital divide by creating accessible digital tools for people with intellectual disabilities, the Erasmus+ funded project, Right To Connect Now (RTCN) was launched. 

Project partners of met on 16th-17th May, in their first transnational project meeting online to kick off the project. This co-designed e-learning project focuses on the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities via development of their digital skills. Urging them to be more active in their participation in society.  

In continuation of the ENTELIS and ENTELIS+ projects, RTCN, led by EASPD with the support of AAATE and a strong project consortium, will aim to achieve:

  • The development of digital skills among persons with intellectual disabilities through a peer-to-peer education model;
  • A universally valid framework for competence development of those supporting learners with intellectual disabilities in developing their digital skills;
  • Implement an accessible version of an e-learning platform for persons with intellectual disabilities that is co-designed with them, along with guidelines for its use;

The 24-month long project has 10 partners spanning across Europe that all bring to the table various expertise to achieve the goals of this project. RTCN will soon have its own website which help you to stay informed on the developments of the project.