The measures that are taken by virtually all countries in the world to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus is heavily affecting the lives of billions of citizens. Among these citizens that rely on assistive technology for their activities and participation are particularly affected: care and support services (for example AT services, special needs education, peer support groups, mobility services) are reduced or stopped at all, accessible information is not available, online participation in classroom activities is more difficult, continuous physical contact with assistive devices might hide additional infection risks, etc. etc.

Fortunately, there are many initiatives to re-organise services, using the internet and other communication networks, creating opportunities for people to get support and advice, share experiences and remain active participants in society, or even become more so than before. This is a challenge that we have to address together, learning from what others have developed or are recommending.

During the coming months AAATE will publish on this page resources that are relevant for assistive technology users and the people that support them. Other organisations are unlocking resources as well, but in our case, we want to focus on the resources that explicitly address barriers and opportunities related to Assistive Technology and Accessibility.

This effort is not based on a systematic collection of resources. Moreover, it is build on what we have received from AAATE member and other colleagues worldwide.

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COVID-19 and education: Use technology for a more inclusive

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* The Grid3 communication software

Statements and Position Papers on COVID-19 and the situation for people with disabilities and older adults