Why should you attend #ICCHP_AAATE_22? Insights from somebody who’s been there

ICCHP-AAATE, the Joint International Conference on Digital Inclusion, Assistive Technology & Accessibility, is taking place 11-15 July 2022 in beautiful Lecco, Italy. It is the bi-annual gathering of experts in the field of Assistive Technology (AT), (e)Accessibility, Accessible ICT and Digital Accessibility, but also much more than that. Makoto Kobayashi, Prof. at the Tsukuba University of Technology (JP) shares his experience from previous years. 

#ICCHP_AAATE_22 team: Prof. Kobayashi, what comes to mind when you think of your participation in previous ICCHP/AAATE conferenceq? 

Prof. Kobayashi: The impressive orange color and many friends I have met come to my mind. I participated in every ICCHP since 2000, which was held in Karlsruhe, and I could communicate with many researchers, university staff, and students in each conference. I’m looking forward to seeing them again and expect to meet new friends. 

#ICCHP_AAATE_22 team: What are the benefits of participating in these conferences? 

Prof. Kobayashi: I think acquiring different viewpoint and new awareness are important benefits of participating. As one example, I would like to mention a session of AT for visually impaired users in a past ICCHP conference. The topic of the session was how to present, how to explain graphic information. In this session, several Japanese researchers reported their tactile device and haptic system, but on the other hand, European researchers reported how to annotate it, how to describe. Their approach to solve the problem was totally different and showed nationality and cultural background. It was an impressive contrast for me. 

#ICCHP_AAATE_22 team: What do you expect from the ICCHP/ AAATE conference 2022 in Lecco? 

Prof. Kobayashi: Real talk and real communication, peaceful and enjoyable time! 

Join Prof. Kobayashi and the international community of assistive technology experts in Lecco in July: https://icchp-aaate.org/registration-22