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AAATE is the member driven Umbrella Assocation advocating and working for the advancement of assistive technology (AT) in Europe. AT has become an accepted and respected field over the last years. AAATE has been deeply involved in this process and it is it’s mission to keep AT and accessiblity on the agenda at European and national level.

Benefits besides discussion and exchange and contacts with members from all arround Europe include:

  • New since General Assembly 2010: Access to the AAATE Journal in electronic format!
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Participate or even run an experts group in your specific field
  • Discount at the biannual AAATE conference and AAATE workshop
  • Discounts at sister organisations’ (e.g. RESNA, RESJA, ARATA) conferences
  • Access to services and information: forum, discussion groups
  • Distribution of information of members (e.g. events, publicaitons)
  • AAATE newsletter and web services
  • Networking with other AAATE members
  • Lobbying at European and national level

AAATE wants to keep AT and accessibility a top priority issue arround Europe and wants to provide a platfrom for your professional development. COME AND GET INVOLVED!

AAATE invites you to become a member!
If you have any questions regarding the AAATE membership, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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