AATC 2018 – Australian Assistive Technology Conference

SAVE THE DATE! – The 2018 Australian Assistive Technology Conference (AATC 2018) hosted by the Australian Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Association (ARATA), will be held from Wednesday 14th November to Friday 16th November 2018 inclusive, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Marking 25 years of ARATA, the Conference theme is Experiences, Opportunities and Innovation.

ARATA is also a member of the Global Alliance of Assistive Technology Professional Organisations with AAATE (Europe) RESNA (North America), RESJA (Japan), RESKO (Korea) and TREATS.

You can find more information of ARATA’s website at: http://www.arata.org.au/aatc-2018/aatc-2018/

Download the conference prospectus from: http://aatc2018.aomevents.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2017/12/AATC18.Prospectus-111217.pdf

Conference website (coming soon): http://aatc2018.aomevents.com.au/