“Involve AT users as the lead drivers of change”

In the run-up to #AAATE2019, we have done a quick round of questions with María Luisa Toro Hernández from the Universidad CES (Colombia) and member of the conference’s scientific committee. We are happy about the opportunity to share insights and expectations from all corners of the globe.  

  • Can you give us a quick overview of your background and experience in the assistive technology sector?

María Luisa: My background is in biomedical engineering. I also have a masters and PhD is rehabilitation and technology. I currently work as a consultant for research and development projects related to assistive technology, accessibility, and inclusion.

  • What are the most important challenges we need to tackle in the #AT sector in the next 6-12 months?

María Luisa: Continued and coordinated awareness-raising efforts.

  • What is in your experience the element that would give us the most leverage: money, knowledge, technology…? How would you use for maximum impact?

María Luisa: Knowledge and awareness. With knowledge, we can do sustained and informed advocacy to drive change (e.g. more inclusive innovations, more funding).

  • What would be a valuable outcome for #AAATE2019 – for your personally and for the AT sector overall?

María Luisa: Continued coordination to work towards identified shared goals in Europe and beyond.

  • What would be your advice to young people starting off in the #AT sector?

María Luisa: Involve AT users as the lead drivers of change.

María Luisa is one of 300+ international experts in assistive technology that will gather for the #AAATE2019 conference in Bologna 27-31 August. If you want to join in, have a look here: http://aaate2019.eu/registration/how-to-register/