Call for Abstracts: Hierarchies of Disability Human Rights, new edited volume

Academics, non-academics, especially self-advocates and persons marginalized by higher education, as well as non-Western academics are invited to submit their ideas for contributions for a new volume Hierarchies of Disability Human Rights edited for Routledge Press, Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Book Series.

The editors of this volume seek to support the important work of confronting hierarchies within disability human rights by bringing attention to the ways in which the voices of different groups of persons with disabilities have been marginalized due to their intersecting identities, specific impairments, circumstance or global location. Seeing that human rights are social constructions, where specific cultures, legal regimes, and socioeconomic environments recognize and promote the rights of some persons, while marginalizing the rights of others. Many of these inequalities are being highlighted in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this edited volume is to confront those hierarchies for the purposes of ensuring the rights of all persons with disabilities are more equally enjoyed. The editors are open to a diversity of contributions, which could include letters, testimonials, interviews, and oral histories; creative representations of experience, such as poetry or images; civil society reports; as well as traditional research articles of 6,000-8,000 words.

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