Searching for experts – four professorships open at Technical University of Dortmund

We are happy to let you know that the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at TU Dortmund University is seeking to fill four professorships. Through interaction between engineering and natural sciences as well as social and cultural studies, the university aspires to drive both technological innovations and progress in knowledge and methodology.

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences is one of the largest research and teaching institutions in Europe addressing the inclusion of people with disabilities, impairments and social disadvantages. It has established three research clusters: “Education, School, Inclusion” – “Work, Inclusion, Health” – “Technology, Inclusion, Par- ticipation”. As a result of numerous university and non-university collaborations, the Department is embedded in an attractive research environment.

Technological developments offer excellent opportunities for promoting and supporting people with disabilities, impairments and disadvantages. In order to utilize these opportunities to align with inclusion and equality of participation in accordance with UN-CRPD, existing technologies must be brought in line with the needs of peo-ple with disabilities, impairments and disadvantages, and new technologies must be developed to promote and support them.

Commencing as soon as possible, the university recruits for the following four professorships:

  • W3 tenured or W2 with W3 tenure track in “Technology for inclusion: mechatronics
    and robotics”
  • W3 tenured or W2 with W3 tenure track in “Technology for inclusion: intelligent systems”
  • W3 tenured or W2 with W3 tenure track in “Work, inclusion and technology”
  • W2 tenured or W1 with W2 tenure track in “Digital interventions and inclusive education”

The successful candidates will specialize in research and teaching in their respective field.

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