Guidelines for Project Participation

(Please contact the AAATE president for further information on conditions for the participation.)

  1. AAATE is open to and interested in the participation in European projects which are in accordance with the objectives of the association outlined in its constitution. The participation could be in either one of the following modalities:
    1. as a consortium leader
    2. as a full partner of a consortium
    3. as a subcontractor for specific tasks
    4. as an affiliated partner (e.g. consultant, member of the advisory board)
  2. Interest of consortia to involve AAATE in a project has to be addressed to the AAATE president or the project officer who will bring the interest to the attention of the board. Requests coming from members of the Association aiming to strengthen their applications by involving AAATE in the consortium, will receive a priority treatment.
  3. AAATE might join different consortiums under the same call. In that case the assessment of the proposals, the decision and the administrative procedures will be processed by different board members, guaranteeing confidentiality regarding the information that is disclosed to them. Also board members that through their organisation are responding to the same call will have no access to the confidential information of competitive consortiums aiming at including AAATE in their consortiums.
  4. Participation of AAATE in a project is only possible if the following conditions are met:
    1. The project should clearly aim at advancing AT in Europe for the benefit of people with disabilities and be in line with the constitution and relevant policy documents of AAATE.
    2. The results and outputs of the project have to be accessible and freely usable for AAATE members.
    3. The project should allow AAATE to maintain a role that fits an independent organisation without commercial interests.
    4. Participation is only possible after a proper financial risk assessment.
  5. The AAATE board negotiates and decides if and how AAATE will participate in a project in accordance to the association’s constitution and mission. Only on basis of an according decision AAATE can be mentioned in proposal or project documents.
  6. The AAATE board decides on the modalities how to perform the tasks in the most professional and efficient way.
  7. The president or the project officer, in co-operation with the secretariat co-ordinates the project preparation (e.g. forms, signatures, contributions to the proposal content, data about persons, financial details).