Sharing 40 years of experience and some thoughts on where the AT sector is going

The pace of change has increased incredibly in the assistive technology sector, just as in all other parts of our society. In these rapidly moving times, experience is a foundation and provides valuable background. It was therefore our particular pleasure to win Björk Pálsdóttir for an interview. Björk has started out as occupational therapist in […]

2nd AAATE online Aperitivo – new vision, new mission and updates from AAATE members in Denmark, Austria, the US, Lithuania and Croatia

AAATE introduced the new online Aperitivo format to create a platform for our members to stay in touch, exchange news, get updates from the associations and find opportunities for collaborating and working together. In this 2nd edition held on 25 February, our president Katerina Mavrou shared AAATE’s new vision and mission statement, which completed by […]