12 September 2017: Change management as a success factor in the implementation, scaling up and transfer of digital health & social care solutions

Demographic change requires regions to deploy on an increasingly large scale digital health and social care solutions to keep the costs of care sustainable without reducing its quality. Unfortunately, many attempts to develop innovative solutions have shown success at pilot level, but difficulties in the actual deployment stage. The same holds true for the transferability of solutions from one region to another: what works well in one place, might not work well in another.

Among the factors that explain these difficulties there are many that deal with change management and it is clear that digital health and social care solutions are not merely “add-on’s” to existing care plans, pathways and ways of working. Successful deployment requires deep changes in the ways of working of people, and organisations together with new care recipient relationships.

For these reasons, AAATE has decided to dedicate a satellite event to the 14th AAATE Conference 2017 (11-15 September) to “Change management as a success factor in the implementation, scaling up and transfer of digital health & social care solutions”, and to bring together speakers from health care providers, governments, the European Commission, research organisations and industry to assess some of the success factors related to organisational change and how these factors have been managed during the up-scaling and transfer of successful experiences. They will look at tools that can help to understand how to support implementation, scalability and transferability of digital health and care solutions in the UK and in Europe. The focus will be on experiences of person-centred technology deployment that are supporting care recipients in their self-management and independence, including remote monitoring.

The event will be divided into sessions dedicated to:

  • The digital transformation of the health and social care sector: opportunities and challenges
  • Change management as a factor for success
  • Including change management in your project strategy
  • Assess Readiness for Integrated Care

The seminar is organized by AAATE and the Horizon 2020 project consortiums ProACT and InLife, with support of the European Commission and the collaboration of EHTEL (European Health Telematics Association), the Scirocco project consortium, the European Association of Service Providers to Persons with Disabilities and the European Connected Health Alliance. In addition, other organisations and projects will be showcased during the event. The seminar targets in particular health and social care managers, policymakers at national and regional level, health and social care professionals, project managers, the EIP on AHA community.

For more details on the event, the list of confirmed speakers and the registration information please have a look at the seminar brochure: 2017_09_12_Change_management_AAATEcongress

Looking forward to seeing you there!