Call for Board-Canditates

Dear fellow AAATE members,

the next AAATE General Assembly (GA) will take place on August 31, 2023, starting at 17.00, co-located with the AAATE Conference at Campus Condorcet, Paris.

PLEASE NOTE: The assembly will use a hybrid assembly, meaning that remote participation is possible. However, online voting will not be possible, which means that members that cannot physically attend will need to delegate another member to vote on their behalf using a proxy form.

The Nomination Committee is calling for candidates for the following 4 positions open for election:
Secretary (currently held by Tone Øderud)
Project Officer (currently held by Dominique Archambault)
Treasurer (currently held by Silvio Marcello Pagliara)
Communication Officer (currently held by Siobhán Long)

For your information, following our election by-law, the board will propose

a) the person currently holding the position of President-Elect (Pedro Encarnação, PT) to become President,

b) the person currently holding the position of President (Georgios Kouroupetroglou, GR) to become Past-President,

c) a member of AAATE to become President-Elect.

This supports continuity and sustainable development of the association.

Any AAATE member can candidate to the four above positions. We encourage all members to consider running for a board position. It is an important way to support our Association and contribute to the advancement of Assistive Technology. The actual distribution of the open board positions will be decided by the newly elected board.

In order to be able to send out the list of candidates well in time, in case you plan to candidate, please do so before July 1, 2023.

Those who wish to candidate should send a short CV (about 10-15 lines) as soon as possible to be included in the election package (
The election package will be circulated to all members before the Assembly to enable everybody to make her/his mind for the vote.

Many thanks for considering and we are looking forward to meet again

The AAATE Nomination Committee (Renzo Andrich, Luc De Witte, Klaus Miesenberger)