One project, three webinars and the high ambition of making urban public transport accessible

Three webinars – 5 May, 10 May and 23 June – to look at accessible transport with public transport providers, policy makers and travelers with disabilities. A call for action to make accessibility a core objective of upcoming infrastructure investments, in particular in public urban transport. A sharing of co-design solutions currently trialed in seven […]

Taking a French bus with an Austrian smart wheelchair, guided by a German app as Greek tourist – can that work?

Insights from the TRIPS project’s September workshop We know by now that the numbers are impressive: around 10-15% of the population are considered having a disability and inaccessible transport systems effectively limit their equal access to important services, job opportunities, education, overall lifestyle choices and capacity for independent living. The TRIPS project therefore aims at […]

A New Approach to Designing Transport Systems Free of Mobility Barriers – Interview with ENIL about the TRIPS project

Public transport is a key element in facilitating personal mobility and independent living – both enshrined in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCPRD)[1] – but only if the public transport systems are accessible. The TRIPS project therefore works on a co-design approach that allows people, disabled by inaccessible environments, […]