AAATE 2018 workshop: Call for contributions


You are invited to submit extended abstracts before May 16th 2018, 23.30 CET, using the procedure outlined below. It is essential that submissions include a summary of the relevant AT provision process. The greatest preference will be given to those submissions that are based on audit or scientific study of AT provision. Evidence from service delivery experiences are as valuable as objective scientific studies. The more contexts (education/employment, social and/or health) and/or more ATs that a submission is relevant to the better. However highly successful approaches in specific contexts or scenarios will still be considered.

Some of the benefits of contributing on AT provision across contexts whether a technology, service or policy researcher or innovator, AT practitioner, service commissioner or manager, or represent end users of AT and AT services are:

  • learning about best practice in AT provision;
  • greater understanding of contexts;
  • increasing cross context knowledge – hence personal capacity to share and understand shared cross context information; and,
  • opportunities to influence discussions.

For specific inclusion of AT provision in low and middle income countries in a global approach it is likely that there will be less directly relevant well evidenced audits and studies to draw on. In this strand abstracts that articulate the challenges and those that propose strategies for dealing with challenges are welcome. One example strategy of interest would be bridging quality in AT provision with existing standards to inform the evolution of service provision.

Some of the benefits of contributing on Global AT provision are suggested strategies to deliver AT with:

  • low cost and locally supportable solutions;
  • staff, carer and user training; appropriate selection of model of delivery (commodity vs facilitated);
  • appropriate logistics and infrastructure; and,
  • appropriate policies.


To manage submissions the AAATE workshop organisation committee uses the abstract submission facilities of the ICCHP conference management tool. Please note that submissions for the AAATE workshop will not be published in ICCHP conference proceedings! Only in a later stage the committee will decide how to publish the AAATE workshop proceedings.

  1. Please use the Workshop-Template.rtf to prepare your submission.
  2. For submitting it you need to register (create a free account) here:
  3. As a registered user you can submit here: (under “My submissions”)
  4. Select AAATE Workshop at ICCHP18
  5. Provide the title (less than 100 characters) and an abstract (differently from what the system allows, please limit yourself to max. 1000 characters), intended to be used for the program)
  6. Select target groups, topics and provide some keywords (please ignore “Special Thematic Session” and “Alternative E-mail “
  7. Upload your document constructed using Workshop-Template.rtf.
  8. Please respect the deadline of May 16th (23.30 CET). Please note that there won’t be any further extention.

Thanks in advance!!